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Cushioning Technique Empty Cushioning Technique

Post by Alex Ruler+ on Thu May 31, 2012 12:56 pm

Refer to the Finding A Home topic between Aidan, Kuro, and I to see this in action.

Cushioning a technique is the act of using ki to reduce the amount of damage you take during battle. For instance, when Aidan tossed me to the ground during our spar, he would have dealt 20,000 damage. But I had a plan from the moment he grabbed me to the moment of impact. I had to give 10,000 SPD so I could generate the 10,000 KI required to cushion the attack, preventing me from taking the full amount of damage.

Similar to the Retaliation Technique, Cushioning a technique is strictly defensive but can lead to an upset win if used properly. If misused the technique will be limited, but I'm allowing it to be used a maximum number of five times per battle.

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