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Post by Alex Ruler+ on Thu May 31, 2012 4:28 am

If at any time during a training topic, you use a transformation to ascend to the next level of power for your race, you will gain double the stats normally gained for that post. For a reference to this look at Aidan's Hatred, Just A Burden Topic.

But Aidan pointed out to me that one could abuse this system. Which is I'm limiting it. During one given topic....if you use a transformation, you gain double the stats for that post. Before using the next transformation you must wait either FIVE OF YOUR POSTS, or start Five New Topics. The Five New Topics choice may seem like the easiest way out....BUT it's not. If you go the five new Topics Route, each topic must be at least 2,500 hundred words or more. Now you're thinking the Five Posts would be the best route, but the word count for the five posts cannot be less than 2,500 words per post.

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