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Hatred, Just A Burden Empty Hatred, Just A Burden

Post by Aidan Kenta on Thu May 31, 2012 3:55 am

It was a peaceful day, or so it seemed. Aidan woke up and got up out of his bed. Of course he fixed his meal only fit for a Saiyan, and after he finished it up, he had to clean the plates. “This is really annoying, I need to get a girlfriend, someone who can help me with the dishes. “ He thought. He looked outside his window up to the sky and thought about him having a girlfriend. Someone who he could hold close, and watch movies with. But the fact that he was a Saiyan made him realize, he could never have a normal life. He would endanger anybody close to him.

After finishing up the dishes he walked outside. He heard the sounds of ki blast colliding, and the grunts of warriors. Gurin and Taiga were training. Aidan smiled; it was great to have friends around the house. They would often train, and talk about their races histories and stuff like that. He was so happy that he wasn’t as lonely as he was before they arrived. He didn’t really have friends before them, but that’s not the only reason it was good they were here. They are great sparring partners.

He walked down to the waterfall, which is where the Namekians usually resided. He saw the quick battling. They were getting better but then again so was Aidan. His power has in fact 300,000 over what he was formerly. This was a great accomplishment. His power level was 13,000, now it has boosted up to 388,650! It was no doubt that at the moment, he was one of the Earth’s strongest warriors and he was proud of that. Just as he finished contemplating about this, the sparring match between Gurin and Taiga was over. They were both panting in exhaustion.

“Well, don’t y’all just look tired. “ Aidan said with a big laugh.

“I guess you could say that. “ Taiga said.

“So, I can tell you two have gotten pretty powerful now. “ Aidan complemented.

“Yeah, I guess you could say that but nowhere near you, which means we are nowhere near strong enough. “ Gurin said with a smirk.

“Hmm. Give me a second, I keep a left over scouter in the house. “ Aidan said before he flew down to his house, picked up the scouter, and came back. He slipped the scouter on, and the blue monocle covered his right eye. He clicked the side of his scouter and began reading the two Namekians ki concentration, otherwise known as power levels. Aidan knew that he didn’t need his scouter, but decided to use it today for some reason. “Alright guys. Power all the way up. Find all the power that you have within you and unleash it. “

Gurin and Taiga started screaming as they were charging up their ki. Yellow auras surrounded the two green aliens. “Here you go. “ Taiga said, speaking for the both of them.

Aidan nodded and checked too see what the scouter had to say on their power levels. “Alright, Taiga your power level is 150,000. That’s a pretty great deed. Gurin, your power level is 125,000. Good job to the both of you. This is no small feat, most people don’t boost like this. It’s incredible how I did it, and now y’all have done it too. “

The two Namekians seemed so excited. They boosted up in power easily. Aidan was smiling at the two, but all of a sudden the blue scouter made a beeping sound and showed that two power levels worthy of admiration were flying towards them. The weaker one was at a 200,000 not too far ahead of the Namekians, but then the stronger one was at a stunning 400,000 over Aidan’s own power. He looked over at Gurin and Taiga; he could tell that they felt it, as they were startled. Aidan would have to stand strong so he didn’t show any weakness in front of his friends, because they respect him.

The two beings landed on the top of the waterfall, with their auras showing, thus causing a disruption in the water flow. There was one male, and one female both of them dressed in Saiyan armor. They couldn’t be Saiyans, well actually they could but why would they be here, on his land? They female’s armor was pink, while the males was blue; it was standard Saiyan armor, nothing advanced or special about it.

“So, you are Aidan? You don’t look tough. “The male said.

“Gee, thanks. But how do you know who I am, I have never met you before in my life.” Aidan responded.

The male snickered, “My name is Daiamu, but you can just call me Daia, and this is Penu. We are Saiyans who have come looking to dominate this puny planet. So, we used our specially advanced scouters to pick up the strongest power level we could find, it just happened to be you, so we asked around who you were. “

“You won’t dominate this planet as long as I’m here. This is Earth and it’s my home! “Aidan shouted!

“Be stubborn if you wish, let’s just get this over with so we can get to the rest of the planet. Penu you get the Namekians, I’ll take care of “Daia said with boredom.

Aidan knew he might have to use his true power to beat this guy. He often forgets that he has the ability to turn into a Super Saiyan since he doesn’t really have to use it. Daia flew at Aidan and punched him in the guy before he grabbed him and threw him at the ground. He managed to get up, he knew know. If he didn’t get serious and go Super Saiyan, he would eventually get beat into a pulp.

He charged up a ki blast and fired it at the Saiyan. It hit him but didn’t manage to do much damage as Daia just shrugged it off. Aidan flew at him and attempted to punch him in the face, which was successful and sent him backwards. Then he attempted a sweep kick, but Daia jumped upward and dropped kicked Aidan in the face. He skidded back in the air. Even though his power level was over his, they seemed pretty even. This was a good sign; it was the same way Kurokon managed in a fight. Daia started to charge up his ki.

“Come on Aidan; give me more of a challenge! I’m just toying with you. Don’t let me think of you like that. You are a Saiyan, boy! Show that lust for battle! “

Meanwhile, Penu was dominating both of the Namekians at one time. Gurin jumped up at her and thrusted his palm outward, attempting to hit her in the middle of her chest. If she was not wearing Saiyan armor, she might have taken him as a pervert, despite this it would not matter, she was flat chested. It did not phase her much; she grabbed the green alien’s wrist and threw him down to the ground. She charged a beam, and fired it at him while he was down. When the smoke cleared, Gurin was dead. Taiga was outraged, but there was nothing he could really do. If he tried to avenge him, she could take care of him just as easily.

A tear dropped down Aidan’s face. He felt it when Gurin’s ki faded. He was outraged, just like Taiga. How dare these Saiyans take his friends life! He might not have known him long but they have grown very close over their friendship. His hair changed color, now it was a bright blonde. One of his two bangs stuck up with the rest of his hair. His muscles grew larger, and his ki multiplied tremendously. His power level was over 1 million. He could wipe out these Saiyans with no problem, but if only it didn’t have to be this way.

He leaped at Daia, and then kicked him in his ribcage, as he did this the ribcage shattered. He would not be able to maneuver as easily, as it would hurt him further and cause excess bleeding. Aidan began to charge up his ki, as he did he erupted it all around him, surrounding him and Daia. Daia evaporated by the tremendous ki. This was another one of Aidan’s moves. It was Cosmic Barrier, the one of his 3 techniques that he didn’t use as much as the others. He brushed his hands off, letting the dirt fall off. Aidan turned to Penu.

“Your friend has paid for what he did to Gurin. Do you really want the same fate that he has chosen? “Aidan questioned.

A tear dropped down her face, “No…. But I don’t know what to do anymore. My sole mission was to defeat you and rule the planet. What can I do? “

“I don’t mind you living off my land. You’re a Saiyan, you should love the wilderness. You can even build a little cave house in the side of the mountain. I don’t mind at all. “

“Thank you, but why would you do this? I helped kill that Namekian! “

“Grudges are not a good thing to hold. They become a burden as they rip your heart into sheds, causing you to lose your sanity day by day. “He said as he flew off.

Penu turned to Taiga, “I’m sorry for what I did to your friend. Please forgive me! “

He was surprised by her apology, “Sure, whatever. See you around. As we… I mean I live off his land too. Aidan is truly a good person. His heart is what has made him so strong. “ To be honest, Taiga was bitter to Penu, but she seemed like a good enough person.
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Hatred, Just A Burden Empty Re: Hatred, Just A Burden

Post by Alex Ruler+ on Thu May 31, 2012 4:08 am

PL and Zenni: 16,440
Speed: 10,960
Stamina: 8,220

This is the gains before using your Super Saiyan Form. Here's the kicker, you used Super Saiyan form, so you'll double these gains.

PL and Zenni: 32,880
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