Ice Cream On A Hot Day [Open]

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Ice Cream On A Hot Day [Open] Empty Ice Cream On A Hot Day [Open]

Post by Nazu on Sun Jul 29, 2012 10:15 pm

She licked the side of the waffle cone & sighed softly, enjoying the sweet flavor that this, "Ice Cream" had. They never had such sweet treats at her home planet, although she had become acostomed to this planet's ways, especially it's food. She had gotten used to every one stareing around her & just focused on the food that she wanted at that moment.
"Yummy..." she mumbled softly takeing a small bite out of the ice cream. She had not even noticed that she was sweating untill she felt sweat run down her cheek. "Well, the news reporter did say that it was going to be hot today.." she muttered wipeing the sweat away with the back of her hand.

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