The Journey of the Final Kasai Ch. I: Birth of the Phoenix [ND][Open]

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The Journey of the Final Kasai Ch. I: Birth of the Phoenix [ND][Open] Empty The Journey of the Final Kasai Ch. I: Birth of the Phoenix [ND][Open]

Post by Rengoku on Tue Jun 19, 2012 2:17 am

Renshi, finishing his packing in order to start his journey, had decided to say his goodbyes. He walked away from his former room and bed so he can learn about the world he resides in. As he walked past each monk, the only one he could speak to was his Kasai Master. As soon as he approached his former master, he stopped, seeming to be breathless. There was a chill running down his spine and sorrow had creeped upon his confidence. There were no words spoken, but a warm smile that had cast a sort of healing upon Renshi's inner self had asserted him. He nodded his head, finally recieving a collapsible Bo staff from the master. Renshi travelled down the many steps but at a quick, steady pace. The distance was long and tangled, and it did take hours, but Renshi had been ready for it.

After reaching the bottom, he rested for a bit and ate a small meal. His first journey was to pass through a snowy forest. Being up in the mountain for so long had stopped the sense of seasons for him. He had slowly walked through the forest with his collapsed staff in a container and his backpack of supplies strapped to him. Though it didn't alarm him, Renshi did hear animal noises and breaking twigs. All of a sudden, the sound of a bear had been emitted. Renshi prepared his fighting stance, waiting for the attack. It seemed quicker than expected, but the bear moved just how he wanted it to move. The bear jumped to attack, but the bear didn't anticipate a hill it would roll down if it missed. Renshi quickly avoided the attack and scurried along the forest. After almost half an hour, the bear stopped following. But this did not stop the haste of the young monk. A sudden stop occured, which with foreshadowing, one can conclude something had happened. This was indeed the case.

Renshi had gazed upon the futuristic city known as West City. Slowly walking towards the entrance, which was one of many, he had been in awe. Something so advanced had been so hidden from him. This would take a while to adjust to. He stopped to meditate, channeling his Ki around harmlessly and fluently. After this session, he moved into the town and looked for somewhere to stay. It took a while, seeing as how people saw him as either a strange man or a foreigner. Conveniently, Renshi stumbled upon a hotel on accident. Upon recieving his guidance and a night at the hotel( instead of paying, he worked for his night of sleep), Renshi decided to temporarily stay in West City in order to learn a bit before traveling elsewhere.

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