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Post by King Enma on Fri Jan 27, 2012 7:58 pm

The Hellfighter race from Planet Hellfilled.
Cousins to the Great Saiyan Race, Hellfighters are not as violent, but do love to fight. Hellfighters do not have tails, but do transform into beasts chosen by the elder at birth. These Inner Beasts were thought to be the Hellfighter’s true power until a Super Hellfighter was discovered.

Racial Traits.:.
Mimicking: Twice per fight, The Hellfighter can mimick his opponents movements from the last post.

Custom 1: Inner Beast Transformation
Powerlevel Requirement: 15,000
Ki Gain: 20,000 added to your current Ki
Other Requirement: Knowledge of Inner Beast
Description: Much like their Saiyan Cousins, The Hellfighters have a Giant Beast they can transform into. Many Hellfighters thought this was the true strength of their great race. The Hellfighter becomes their inner beast entirely, while growing 50 times their normal height.

Custom 2: Super Hellfighter

Powerlevel Requirement: 50,000
Ki Gain: 100,000 added to your current Ki
Other Requirement: Anger Level Must reach boiling point for first transformation
Description: The Super Hellfighter’s hair stands straight in spikes and changes to crimson red., with a ghastly red glow covering their body. Their ki, strength, and speed increase dramatically. All techniques increase in strength. The muscles are more defined, and minor scratches are healed by ki. Pupil color becomes ruby colored

Custom 3: Super Hellfighter 2

Powerlevel Requirement: 300,000
Ki Gain: 500,000 added to your Current Ki
Other Requirement: Anger Level in Super Hellfighter stage must reach boiling for first transformation into this stage.
Description: The Super Hellfighter 2’s hair grows shorter and more spiked. The ghastly red glow is darker and has blue lightning bolts crackling around their body. The eyes are more defined, showing more pupil color, which in this stage becomes blood red. Muscles are more toned and defined than before. Speed increases the most in this stage. Most noticeable attribute in this stage is the complete disappearance of the eyebrows.

Custom 4: The Zoa Hellfighter

Powerlevel Requirement: 1,000,000
Ki Gain: 15,000,000 added to your current Ki
Other Requirements: No anger required for this transformation. Training with Piccolo is required to reach this level(for RPG purposes).
Description: The Zoa Hellfighter is more animal than anything else. After training with Piccolo, the Hellfighter will have learned to contact the inner beast. All Hellfighters are given beasts at birth. Most don’t realize this until they die. Using the power of their Inner Beast, the Hellfighter merges the two bodies together to form a hybrid of the their inner beast’s body and their own body. (Similar to Super Saiyan Four) The dark course fur covering their body turns a midnight blue color.

Custom 5: The True Super Hellfighter

Powerlevel Requirement: 20,000,000
Ki Gain: 50,000,000 added to your current Ki
Other Requirements: Full knowledge of inner beast, and experience in all other power levels.
Description: This transformation takes the Zoa Hellfighter to the next level. The coarse fur turns a darker blue color, the Hellfighter's hair turns gold(similar to the Legendary Super Saiyan in style). The Hellfighter is still in a hybrid body, but lighting bolts alternating from limegreen and blue cackle through the ki field.

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