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Post by Kenjiro Nakamura on Wed Jun 06, 2012 4:22 am

Character's Name: Kenjiro Nakamura

Character's Gender: Male

Character's Race: Saiyan

Zenni: 500

Powerlevel: 500

Stamina: 500

Speed: 500

Alignment: Neutral

Character's Appearance:
Kenjiro Nakamura Kenji10

Age: 17

Height: 5'8

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black

Ki Color: Red

Side Note: (Optional)

Characters Techniques:

Wind of Death - A swing of the arm that unleashes a wave of black ki.

Wrath of God – A black electric spark is thrown at the enemy, if it hits the enemy is shocked with ki, if it misses and hits something inorganic, it fires a dark purple beam out of the area where it missed. If it hits something organic, the organic material explodes.

Wrath of Hades – Black and Purple flames of ki are unleashed through the hands.

Starting Planet: Planet Earth

Background: Kenjiro was born to Zanjiro and Aiko both powerful members of the saiyan race. Though his mother was not like other saiyans as she didn't like to fight and wanted to keep Kenjiro from fighting. His father had other plans how ever he wished for a strong child to keep the family in high regards of the saiyan race. This conflict went on for most of Kenjiro's young life while the only one he found comfort in was his elder sister. Who did her best to shield him from their parent's fight over him. This fighting lasted until he was three when his father took him then killed his mother and sister when they attempted to stop him.

Zanjiro trained Kenjiro to be a great warrior like Zanjiro him self. Not starting when Kenjiro was three but when he was five. As such he started to gain his fathers personality a cold and dismissive. This training continued until Kenjiro was thirteen and granted approval by his father of being 'battle ready'.

Beginner Battle: No

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Kenjiro Nakamura Empty Re: Kenjiro Nakamura

Post by Aidan Kenta on Mon Jun 11, 2012 2:45 am

Approved, and I ashamed of you guys for not getting his character app approved.
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