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Post by King Enma on Fri Jan 27, 2012 7:49 pm

Shenron saw that all was not right in the world after the conclusion of the events of Dragonball GT. Joining forces with Son Goku, he created an entirely different universe. A universe that was similar to the one we know and love. On that universe's Planet Earth, The Guardian of Earth created the Dragonballs and the story unfolds from there. Nothing that has happened in the Anime nor the Manga has happened in this timeline. Goku did arrive on Earth, but he was killed by a majin named Kurokon Shikyo, who became Earth's greatest warrior. Kurokon fended off the saiyan Raditz, who came looking for Goku. As Raditz died, a transmission was sent to his scouter, which Kurokon intercepted.

This lead to Vegeta, Nappa, Kenjiro, and Alex Ruler arriving on Earth. the four warriors were met by Kuro, Aidan, and Krillin. Krillin was killed effortlessly by Nappa, which lead Aidan into battle. Aidan killed Nappa and severely injured both Alex and Kenjiro. Kuro and Vegeta fought, with Kuro overpowering Vegeta's Great Ape.

With Alex and Kenjiro now on the side of good, Kuro sent Kenjiro and Aidan to PLanet Namek. The Kold family heard about the dragonballs and were terrorizing the people of Namek. While Aidan and Kenjiro handled things on Namek, Alex and Kuro began training in the GR while enroute to Namek. There they fought off The Ginyu Force, and The Kold Family. Aidan killed Kuriza, son of Frieza. Kenji defeated Frieza and left with him. Kurokon killed King Kold, and Alex killed Lord Cooler.

Now we arrive in present day....peace has fallen upon Earth. Who will reign supreme? YOU DECIDE

(NOTE: The members of the site will determine how this story unfolds. The first saga is going to be entitled The Dragonball Saga.)

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