Standing On The Shoulders of Giants

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Standing On The Shoulders of Giants Empty Standing On The Shoulders of Giants

Post by Alex Ruler+ on Sun Jun 03, 2012 3:17 am

Part I .:. Alex's Revelation

Alex always hated the rain. It left him sleeping in a cave deep on his island. He had began the work on his house and had only succeeded in making the foundation. While he was prevented from working on his house, he could still train. Push-ups and sit-ups with weight added on from the stones. Sure he wouldn't get majorly powerful but it kept his body in peak condition. Lightning flashed outside his cave, casting a shadow along the wall. Alex looked up and saw someone standing at the mouth of the cavern. This person was huge, standing almost six feet tall with shoulders broad enough to block the whole cavern exit.

"Hellfighter Target Acquired. Innisis Two-Two-Six reporting from major island in central island chain. Proceeding to terminate" The robotic voice echoed throughout the cavern.

Alex instantly jumped to his feet, and in a fighting stance.

"You ain't terminatin' nobody, pal. I'm not sure how you know about The Hellfighters, or why for that matter. I do know you chose the wrong Hellfighter to target" Alex said.
"Innisis Two-Two-Six confirmed Hellfighter Target Identification. Alex Ruler, member of The Kliq. Master of the Royodouken Wave and Rage Shuriken." the robot stated again.
"Innisis Two-Two-Six? You must be an android," Alex laughed.
"Actually," the robotic voice stated, losing it's robotics. "I'm a Bio-Mutant. Androids were created by Dr. Gero, Bio-Mutants were created by Dr. Myuu. My father, General Rilldo sent me on a mission to terminate the strongest beings on the planet Earth. You, Alex Ruler of The Hellfighter Race, are the second strongest person I have located. You were closest to me, so I chose to kill you first,"
"You? Kill me? The being in the entire universe to overthrow Lord Cooler?" Alex asked. "BRING IT ON"

Alex and Inisis226 began trading blows. Neither of them actually landed a punch, without the other blocking. This guy is faster than anything I've ever faced before. Could this mean I've been focusing too much on keeping up with Kuro's strength? Aidan's Ki? Kenji's Stamina? Alex thought. He blocked an attempted elbow by Inisis226 and delivered a stiff kick to the mid-section which forced Inisis226 to fall back.

"RAGE SHURIKEN!" Alex shouted, throwing his signature spinning star shaped spear.

Alex smirked. This was the strongest Rage Shuriken he had ever created. No one could survive it, cept his friends. Inisis226, however, ate the attack!

"What the hell? Aidan and Kenji combined couldn't have eaten that attack! Why the hell were you able too?" Alex asked.
"Because, Hellfighter, I am truely omnipotent. Nothing in your pitiful arsenal can damage me. If the only techniques you contain are Rage Shuriken and Royodouken Wave, I know every fighting technique capable of countering those two techniques" Inisis226 explained.
"So this Doctor Myuu only had data of my fights prior to the trip to Planet Namek?" Alex asked.
"That was all the data needed. Dr. Myuu concluded that you would not learn any other techniques" Inisis226 stated.

Alex opened his palms and smiled.

"I like the way this Myuu guy thinks. Sometimes I just wish I had a Master Ball to catch his ass in" Alex laughed.
"I'm afraid I do not understand your punch line" Inisis226 stated.
"Tell me, Inisis226, how good are your eyes?" Alex asked.
"My eyes are the only remaining peice of my original body in tact" Inisis226 explained,
"Dr. Myuu decided I could fool humans easier with human look eyes"
"Good. Now say cheese!" Alex said, placing his hands in front of his face, the tips of his middle fingers at the corners of his eyes.
"CHEEEEEE-" Inisis266 started to say before Alex interrupted him, "SOLAR FLARE!"

A bright flash of light exploded from the backs of Alex's hands, blinding Inisis226. Alex used the momentary blindness to summon the ki needed to deliver a Reidori to the gut.

"Tell Dr. Myuu that all I need is my Reidori and I'll catch his ass" Alex said.

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Standing On The Shoulders of Giants Empty Re: Standing On The Shoulders of Giants

Post by Kurokon Shikyo on Sun Jun 03, 2012 5:49 am

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