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School of Sword Quest. Empty School of Sword Quest.

Post by Kenjiro Nakamura+ on Wed May 30, 2012 1:23 am

Entrance Into the Sword School.

Description: One day you receive an invitation to a school near a mountain. Once inside the school you notice two men who look very similar one introduces him self as Gohan and the other as Goten. After you talk for awhile you all decide to join you must defeat Goten in battle. Once you finish the battle Goten will teach you their fathers move.

Goten Pl: 200,000

Super Saiyan:1,000,000


Entrance into the school. 10k all stats. Kamehameha learned.

Name: First Week.

Description: During your first week Gohan sends you out into the wild for one week. Many strong warriors reside here and as well as random beast. If you survive then Gohan will teach you his signature move.

(each monster is 100k pl and each warrior is 500k pl)

Rewards: 10-30k to all stats depending on staff member and how many people you defeated, Masenko learned.

Name: Final day.

Description: Gohan has seen how well you progressed and deemed you ready for the final test. You will be fighting him. If you win he will teach you fusion, how ever remember it was Gohan who was to be earths guardian once Goku died.

Gohan Stats: 1mil

Gohan Super Saiyan 1: 5mil

Super Saiyan 2:10mil

Super Saiyan 3:50mil


Defeating Gohan normally: 250,000 all stats fusion learned.

Defeating Gohan SS1: 5mil all stats, fusion learned.

SS2: 6mil all stats, fusion learned.

SS3: 10mil all stats, fusion learned.

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