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Crane Quest. Empty Crane Quest.

Post by Kenjiro Nakamura+ on Tue May 29, 2012 10:42 pm

Entrance Into the Crane School.

Description: You find your way to a martial arts school known as the Crance school. The man currently running it, Tien, comes up to you seeing potential. He offers you a chance to join and learn under him if you defeat his friend Chaotzu.
Chaotzu Pl: 5000


Entrance into the school. 5k all stats.

Name: First Week.

Description: During your first week you have progressed well.Tien's old friend Krillin has come over with his newest student. Tien introduces you two. Suddenly Krillin and Tien want to see who is training their student better and have you two spar. If you win Tien will teach you some new techs.

Rewards: 8k to all stats, dodon beam learned, split persons learned.

Enemy Stats: 20K all

Name: Final day.

Description: Tien has deemed you ready to graduate your final test. Fight him again only this time he'll really be trying. If you win he'll teach you the final tech and you can go on in life as a student of the Crane school master.

Tien Stats: 50K

Tien Full Power Stats: 500K


Defeating Tien normally: 10K all stats, tri beam learned.

Defeating Krillin full power: 70K all stats, tri beam learned.

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