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Post by King Enma on Fri Jan 27, 2012 6:58 pm

In the era of the Dragon Ball series, there were just over 100 Nameks alive on their home planet; they had been killed off a generation before, by a great tempest. The only known survivors are Grand Elder Guru, and the nameless Namekian, who was sent to safety on Earth. In Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug, another survivor, Lord Slug is introduced.
During the Namek Saga, their home-world Planet Namek, was terrorized by Vegeta, Frieza, his henchmen: Dodoria and Zarbon, as well as host of his other soldiers. The planet was ultimately destroyed by Frieza as a last-ditch effort to kill Goku, in their battle during the Frieza Saga. All of the Nameks were temporarily transported to Earth, where they lived for nearly a year before being resettled on New Namek.

What is known of pre-series Namek history is very limited. Approximately three-hundred years prior to the beginning of the series, the earliest Namekians encountered on Earth (King Piccolo and his sons, though not counting Kami) were evil and destructive and caused chaos throughout the Earth until their eventual narrow defeat at the hands of Master Mutaito and his pupils (including Master Roshi and Master Shen).

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Racial Trait:
Regeneration: Three times per battle, A Namekian warrior can regenerate Half of their Original PL into Ki.

The Nameks 180px-GiantPiccolo
Name: Great Namek
PL Requirement: 50,000
Other Requirements:
It is quite likely that any Namekian is capable of initiating this transformation, provided that they know how, as both Lord Slug and Piccolo were capable of transforming in this way. Piccolo transformed like this once in the manga and twice in the anime. He first transformed during his fight with Goku in the Piccolo Jr. Saga. He then transformed even bigger, but found this form to be ultimately ineffective against Goku (this was in both the anime and manga). He transformed a second time (only in the anime) to counter Super Garlic Jr. (the Garlic Jr. Saga was an anime only filler saga), and Piccolo found the technique to be very effective against Garlic Jr., as despite his greatly increased size and strength, he did not sacrifice speed for the power-up and remained just as fast as he was before he transformed. He even went on to tell Garlic Jr., "You can't sacrifice speed for power, not against me." This was not the case for Garlic Jr., whose enlargement came at the cost of speed.
PL gain: x5
The Nameks 180px-PiccoloAndroidsSaga

Name: Super Namek
PL Requirements: 400,000
Other Requirements: None
Super Nameks are Namekians who managed to unlock their abilities and achieve seemingly insurmountable power. Super Nameks are not fundamentally different type of Namekian, they are simply very powerful Namekians. However, with so much power, most Super Nameks are susceptible to corruption and misused it in the past.
PL gain: x100

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