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Free Play Roleplay Rules Empty Free Play Roleplay Rules

Post by Alex Ruler+ on Tue May 29, 2012 6:14 am

What does the phrase Freeplay Roleplaye mean? Someone who joins this site but does not wish to be a fighter can join and become a human. That person will still be given a PL, Stamina, Speed, and Zenni count. The difference is, no one on this site can kill Freeplay Roleplayer, unless specifically asked too.

The rules for FPRP'ers.

1) Do not randomly jump into a person's RP.
This will only get you killed. Especially in a fight. The consequence for this is having to go to hell, if you do not plan it out with the admins and the fighters involved. I don't want random pop-ups. This goes for fighters too. DO NOT POP UP IN A NON-VIOLENT RP.

2)You can only make humans for the time being. This rule will be revised if needed.

3)For storyline purposes, Non-Fighting Rpers may be killed and sent to Other World. Do not worry, you will be warned before the event happens, so you can close all of your RPs. Then you will be required to RP in the Other World Forums until the Event is over. Once the event is over and someone makes a wish on the Dragonballs, you can return to the world of the living.

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