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Character Template Changes Empty Character Template Changes

Post by Alex Ruler+ on Mon May 28, 2012 2:25 pm

I've made a change to the Character Template. Particularly in the Techniques department. The Technique Department now states that you are only allowed to start with two techniques. You may start with more as long as you meet three requirements: 1)You must post a history explaining how you learned the techniques, 2)not have more than three cannon techniques, and 3) have race/alignment/personality fitting moves. The last one means: You cannot be a human and know Human Genocide Technique, or be an evil fighter who uses the Spirit Bomb(The spirit bomb only works on those who are not pure of heart, so if your evil and fighting against a good person, the Spirit Bomb would just waste your time), or be an insane fighter who kills people that uses The Wolf Fang Fist (it has been stated that The Wolf Fang Fist is nonlethal move)

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