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Nakama, Xion (W.I.P) Empty Nakama, Xion (W.I.P)

Post by Xion Nakama on Mon May 28, 2012 7:32 am

Character's Name: Xion Lee Nakama

Character's Gender: Female

Character's Race: Human

Zenni: 500

Powerlevel: 500

Stamina: 500

Speed: 500

Alignment: ( Neutral)

Character's Appearance: Nakama, Xion (W.I.P) 3034095125_1_15_Mv1YJJC0

Age: Eighteen

Appearance: Xion appears to be a youthful eighteen year old woman with a relatively average height of five feet and five inches which contrasts with her surprisingly light weight of 90ibs. Her long, fiery red hair is left loose to cascade down her back, with two main bangs braided to rest at her shoulders while the rest falls across her forehead to hang above her eyes without getting in the way of her strong, yet slightly intimidating face. Though its clear of any blemishes or notable flaws, people can't seem to get past the perfectly frozen cold glare of her bright emerald green eyes, which seem to glare so intensely through eye contact. Her cheekbones are high as her nose is set straight along with her lips being full, and naturally colored a pale pink. Barely standing out from her snow white skin. Due to years of physical activity as well as her fast acting metabolism, her body is slim though well endowed enough to form a fit, though appealing hourglass shape which is complimented by the variety of dark traditional Chinese attire.

Ki Color: Flame red.

Side Note: (Optional)

Characters Techniques:

Starting Planet: (Planet Earth, Planet Namek, Planet Frieza, Planet Vegeta, New Planet Tuffle)

Background: (2 Paragraphs minimum.)

Beginner Battle: ( Yes, or no. )

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