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Yuki (Finished) Empty Yuki (Finished)

Post by Yuki Hana on Sun May 27, 2012 7:10 pm

Character's Name: Yuki Hana

Character's Gender: Female

Character's Race: Human

Zenni: 500

Powerlevel: 500

Stamina: 500

Speed: 500

Alignment: Good

Character's Appearance:
Yuki (Finished) Anime-10

Age: 18

Height: 5ft 4in

Hair Color: Bright Orange

Eye Color: Light blue

Ki Color: Bright green

Side Note: Very shy, Loves to study at the Local Library

Characters Techniques: None

Starting Planet: Planet Earth

Background: She had a perfect life, a big, beautiful house, sweet mom, great dad, a little sister, but one day changed it all when she just woke up seeing everything bright orange & red. She heard screaming in the distance but she couldn't be too sure because it was soo hot to tell. She tryed to get up from her bed & to her door but something from the ceiling broke & stopped her.
She kept looking for an exit, but came to relize she was trapped. By now smoke was filling her lungs & it was hard for her to breath, a burning sensation was all over her left leg & she felt her body colapse. The last thing she remembers of that day was feeling her body being picked up by an black-haired man.
She never saw the man who saved her live, she never even got to thank him, but ever sence that day she has lived her life to the fullest with her cat, Wanta & makes sure to smile every day for her family.

Beginner Battle: No

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Yuki (Finished) Empty Re: Yuki (Finished)

Post by Aidan Kenta on Sun May 27, 2012 7:16 pm

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