It began with a crash...

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It began with a crash... Empty It began with a crash...

Post by Kurokon Shikyo on Fri May 25, 2012 10:17 pm

Earth was a rather peaceful place in the cosmic veiw of things. Poor enough to not be conquered, but worth enough to enjoy a blooming economy. Unfortunately, it was a democratic version, meaning they elected corrupt individuals and often times insane men to lead them. This was fine until about two hundred years ago, when the nations of earth decided to stand together as one. During that time, the government of the future was decided. Now, one might see this as a good thing, however, monopolies started to form, and bribes began to occur. It was a slow progression at first, but it sped as time passed.

The worst part was, Kurokon came too late to help the world. If he had arrived many years previous, the planet might have been much better. Kurokon had arrived in a sealed container, broken when it collided into Earth, the planet he owed his life to. For Kurokon, there was only one thing to do now. Destroy. In order to build a perfect society, one must destroy the previous one. Kurokon had plans, so many plans, but none of them seemed likely to occur, unless of course he decided to enter himself into the education system of the planet. It was certainly a good idea, but it would be too boring for Kurokon, and he might go insane.

Few knew of Kurokon's existence, fewer knew what he was. He had told his friends, his only allies, but they knew he was on their side. He breifly wondered if he should have acted years ago, before he was sealed by Bibidi. Kurokon was currently trying to maintain his meditation state, which allowed him to delve deep into his near infinite power. He had sensed a power that would be fatal to this planet if left unchecked. His main problem was that his power was there, so he didnt need to train, rather, he needed to find out how to unlock it.

Kurokon was a master of his famed bear style. The style was mostly about taking hits and dealing even more damage from the hits. The main stance was a position where the left arm was bent, elbow outward, but with the back of the hand close to the chest, with the hand in a claw position, whereas the right arm was bent outward, as if getting ready to launch a ki blast, in the same clawed position. Contrary to its name, the style utilized speed and strength, using spins to gain momentum and strength. If one who used the bear style was a master of ki, they could use their ki to form actual claws, making even more damage.

Kurokon meditated. As he meditated, he thought about himself. What was he? Originally he was a saiyan warrior, experimented on by Bibidi. He had a horrible past as a saiyan, considering his power level was under two hundred back then. When Bibidi experimented on him, he gained so many new powers, including the ability to delve into a power beyond recognition, as if he was reaching into an unlimited source of power, enough to tear the universe apart. He truly missed that power.

Unfortunately, Bibidi began to suspect treachery, and made Buu, sealing Kurokon and launching him away in his sleep. He never expected that, honestly. He held nothing but loyalty for Bibidi at the time. Kurokon had grown jealous of Buu and his connection to Bibidi, until Kurokon grew angry at Bibidi. He began to realize why. Buu had no brains, whilst Kurokon was a genius beyond anything anyone had heard of. While in the saiyan army, he had made many inventions. One of which was his infamous scouter customizations. Of course he had the knowledge to recreate them, but he lacked the materials.

His mind wondered to the current situation. He was floating above the wastelands of Earth. Of course the fact that there was a giant fucking monkey attacking the nearest city came to mind. Normally he would not have meditated while this was occuring, but this was beyond his current level. It was obvious he needed to train more, but he could only meditate for now, considering he was sealed. He felt it. The seal was weakening, quite well he might add.

His eyes flew open and he charged at the giant monkey, who was currently wrecking the city. Kurokon charged undetected by the moneky. He started with the pressure point on the spine, to knock out the legs. He charged his ki to form a blade on his arm, allowing him to slice through the monkey with little problem. The monkey was having a fit about it, punching at his own spine. Amazingly, the monkey stood even though it could no longer move its legs. Kurokon slammed out of its stomach, barely avoiding the fist aimed at his body.

Kurokon aimed precisely, quickly launching a ki blast into the monkey's eyes, blinding it. It must have been a weak saiyan if Kurokon was destroying it this easily. Kurokon decided to end it, and blasted the monkey's neck, blasting a hole through it, killing the beast. Kurokon realized something now. He had lived for a year on this planet, and yet he had rarely interfered. Today alone, he had killed one beast by interfering, but how many had he killed by not responding to the attack as soon as possible? If he wanted to save this planet, he would have to put all bets aside, all safeties off, and all worries destroyed. If it saved the planet that saved him, he would do it.
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It began with a crash... Empty Re: It began with a crash...

Post by Aidan Kenta on Fri May 25, 2012 10:33 pm

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