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Meeting New Friends Empty Meeting New Friends

Post by Aidan Kenta on Wed May 23, 2012 12:46 pm

Aidan was at his house, his own little paradise. Sure, no one lived with him so he got lonely at times, but it was still home for him. There were plenty of things to do. He was cooking breakfast, and since he was a Half-Saiyan, that meant a lot of food. Saiyans had to eat so much so they could keep their metabolism but the fact that he was only a Half-Saiyan didn’t change the fact at all. The sizzling on the grill was music to his ears, and that smell of bacon simply drove him crazy. The meal was almost done.

After it was all cooked, he laid all of his food on the table. He said his grace and dug in. He picked up a few pieces of bacon and shoved it down his throat. He ate the rest of the meal, which consisted of plenty of foods, such as pancakes, biscuits, etc. The bad thing about finishing a meal was that he didn’t have any friends, or family that lived with him to clean up the mess he makes. So he started cleaning up all of the plates, and began to wash them all. Sometimes Aidan starts to wonder about his parents. He doesn’t know whether or not they are dead or if they just abandoned him, he simply doesn’t have any memory of them.

He washed his hands and his face before going outside as he stepped outside he felt the warmth of the sun on his skin. It felt so refreshing, as if it gave him energy while it really didn’t. He started at a fast sprint, the fresh air going down his lungs felt so well. Then Aidan switched from a sprint to a flight. He started examining the forest around him. He saw birds in their nest in the trees. He also saw the little squirrels and rabbits that dwell in the forest. He saw the waterfall in the deeper region of the forest. He flew towards that area but at a faster speed. He landed on the ground, ten feet out from the waterfall. He began walking towards the waterfall. The luscious trees gave him shade.

To his surprise, there were two aliens sitting down with their feet in the waterfall. Their skin was green and had antennae on the top of their heads. They were both dressed in purple. They must be warriors. Normal people don’t dress up in such loose clothing if they weren’t ready to battle. They suddenly turned back. They jumped up and landed on a giant rock. They must have been startled.

“Who are you?! Why were you trying to sneak up on us?! “They screamed out in unison

. “Woah! Chill, I’m not trying to harm you two. It’s just this is my land and I was just going out for a stroll. No need to attack me. “Aidan said, trying to bargain with them.

They dropped their guards. The one on the left wore a wrapping around his head, while he didn’t have a shirt on. His pants were purple, and he had a blue belt wrapping around the waist. The other one wore a purple, no sleeve shirt with a golden necklace. His pants were also purple, but he didn’t wear a belt. He wore a white cape. Aidan began to sense their power. They were pretty powerful, each about 14,000. That is close to Aidan’s own power level.

“Oh, we are so sorry! We will get right on our way out; we didn’t know we were bothering you. We just arrived on this planet and it’s new to us. “The alien with the cape stated.

“Oh no, it’s okay. I just didn’t want you to blow my head off. Stay a while, why don’t you? I could tell you’re not human, your uhm…. green. No offense to you two. Anyway, what planet are you two from? “He questioned.

The one without a shirt on chuckled, “No offense taken. We sorta are green. “He joked, “I am Gurin, and he is Taiga. We are Namekians from the Planet Namek. “

Aidan pondered his memory. “Namekians? That’s cool, I have heard of your race before. I just can’t recall where. I am Aidan, a Half-Saiyan. “He announced.

“You must be pretty strong then! Saiyans are some of the strongest beings in the universe. You wanna spar? “Taiga shouted out.

“Sure! I haven’t had a good sparring partner in a while! Hey Gurin, how about after we are finished, we spar too? “Aidan shouted out in excitement

Gurin let out a loud, serious laugh, “Alright, fine by me. Just be ready. “

“This is gonna be so much fun! Get ready Taiga! “Aidan said.

Aidan started to stretch. He always stretched before a fight. One of the worst things that can happen in a fight is get a cramp. Because that leads you wide open for a period of time with your guard down. He examined Taiga with his bright green eyes. Taiga looks like a melee fighter because of his stocky build. That was okay with him that is one part of his game that Aidan had to work on. He jumped up in the air and levitated. He wished Taiga luck, and Taiga did the same.

Taiga flew at Aidan and swung at him. He dodged and then countered with a spin kick. Taiga jumped back and unleashed a ki blast upon Aidan. He deflected the blast and then kicked at Taiga’s rib cage. Taiga didn’t have time to dodge as the kick connected. Taiga let out a laugh as he vanished and then tried drop kicking the back of Aidan’s head. Then Aidan vanished also and appeared right beside Taiga, he grabbed his foot and threw him down to the lake that the waterfall created. The Namekian regained his balance and pushed off the water and flew back up to Aidan. He shot a bolt of electricity out of his antennae. Aidan was surprised by this; in fact he didn’t have enough time to dodge. He was sacked by the electricity and sent flying towards the ground.

Aidan picked himself up off the ground. This was a pretty even matched battle. He had to find a way to win it. Aidan charged up to full power. He clenched his fists, and formed two crimson red orbs of ki in his hands; he smacked his hands together and fired it towards Taiga at an incredible speed. Taiga was caught off guard; he didn’t think Aidan was capable of such an attack. The attack hit him right in the middle of his chest and knocked him back down into the pond. Aidan smirked, he knew that Taiga couldn’t take much more but it wasn’t quite over yet. Taiga struggled to get up. It was time for Aidan to end this fight; he vanished and appeared behind Taiga. He charged up a ki blast. It connected and Taiga was on the verge of being knocked out. Aidan had to respect the Namekians abilities.

“Good fight Taiga. You did very well. You caught me off guard with that Antennae Beam of yours. I respect you now; you have proven your fighting skill. “Aidan complimented before he picked him up and placed him against the big rock that Gurin was sitting on top of. He would heal him later, after he and Gurin were finished sparring.

“That was a very good fight Aidan. What was that attack that you used on Taiga? The one that sort of sealed the deal? That was very interesting, I must say! “Gurin stated.

“Oh that. That was Mystic Orb. I created it myself. I don’t know any other techniques other than the ones I created myself. I like to be original. “Aidan said with a laugh.

“I like your style Aidan. We could become friends. You could teach me a thing or two, just as I could teach you a thing or two. And, I suggest we converse a bit before jumping right into a fight. Give you some time to recover. It wouldn’t be too fair if you weren’t at top shape. Would it? “Gurin said.

“Thanks. I would love to be your friend. That would be great; I do know a few things that you probably don’t. And thanks, I want to see the full extent of your power. And I have a proposition for you. How about you and Taiga live here with me? I could always use a training partner. I have to be the strongest there is to be the savior of this planet. “Aidan said with excitement.

Gurin’s eyes sparkled, “Really? You would let us stay here! That would be wonderful, except that we Namekians don’t really need sleep so we could just live off of your land and protect it! “He bargained.

“That’s cool with me! It would be awesome having you here. We could train every day, or whatever. This already sounds like a good idea. “Aidan said.

Taiga had dozed off once Aidan put him against the rock. I guess he couldn’t help but pass out. Anyway he just woke up. He looked a little beat up but he was gonna be okay. He looked over at Gurin, and smiled. Then he looked over at Aidan, and snickered. “You did a real number on me man. Anyway, what have y’all been talking about? Have y’all sparred yet, I didn’t miss it did I? “He questioned.

Gurin smiled. “No, we haven’t sparred yet. We were talking to give him time to get back to full strength. And one think we were talking about is, that we are gonna stay here on his land and protect it. We are gonna be sparring partners every day or so. So we can teach each other different things. “

“Really Gurin? That’s so cool. It’s weird, I sware I just had a dream like that while I was unconscious. “He said with a laugh, but you could tell he was serious.

They all laughed but then Aidan said, “Alright Gurin. I think I’m good to go. Get prepared. “

Gurin got up, and dusted his clothes off before he said, “Alright, I have been waiting long enough. “

They both began to stretch. Honestly Aidan was still tired but it doesn’t really matter. He thinks he is close enough to top shape to beat him even though he doesn’t know what to expect from Gurin. He might be a speed demon or a master of ki. Gurin examined Aidan, he had the upper hand. He knew Aidan wasn’t fully recovered and he had already seen Aidan fight. He knows what to expect. This fight should be very even for a while until someone pulls something out of their sleeves

“Good luck my friend. “ The Namekian said.

“I wish you the same Gurin. “ Aidan said.

They both charged up to full power. They both had blazing auras at the moment. Aidan flew at Gurin, this time he would make the first move. He threw a hook punch at Gurin, while he followed up with a cross, which is a punch with the back hand. Gurin paid too much attention to the hook, and blocked that but he got hit with the cross. It sent him flying back. Gurin started to bleed from his mouth, the blood was purple. Which is one trait that Namekians had, well not all of them have it though. Gurin shot two charged beams out of his eye. Aidan knocked them aside. Gurin couldn’t expect to attack Aidan like that. Gurin would have to step his game up.

Gurin used Shock Wave. It’s a invisible ki blast that causes a sudden wind attack and can be fired from any part of the body. Gurin fired it from his chest so that he didn’t give away any kind of hint that he was attacking. Aidan was blown back because of the Shock Wave. Aidan was left wondering what had just happened. Whatever it was it felt like a gust of wind, but honestly it hurt. Aidan cupped his hands together and began charging a Photon Phaser. Aidan’s beam was bright green and small orbs of ki spiraling around it, while Gurin began to charge a beam of his own but it was fired from the mouth. His beam was neon yellow, once both of the beams were charged enough the users fired them at each other.

The beam battle started out pretty even, them switching leads from time to time but then Aidan began to pump more ki into the beam. He gained the momentum and was pushing it back, in fact he was almost about to win. Gurin started to scream as he too pumped more ki into the attack, he was pushing his limit because it was clear that whoever won this beam battle would win the fight. Gurin started to push the beam back towards Aidan but then he used his full power to push it towards back Gurin. It was going at a steady pace until it devoured Gurin. It blew him back while tearing some of his clothes. The battle was over.

He picked Gurin up and flew over to where Taiga was. He motioned for him to follow him back to his house where he could get them medical attention. Namekian wounds were no different from Saiyan or human wounds. As soon as they were good and healthy they began to exit the door.

“I guess we will see you around Aidan. Thanks again for letting us stay here. “Taiga spoke up.

“It’s okay, really. If you ever need anything just stop by the house. In fact, I want you two to come by the house daily. “

They nodded and they were off. Aidan smiled and let out a laugh, he made new friends.
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Meeting New Friends Empty Re: Meeting New Friends

Post by Kurokon Shikyo on Wed May 23, 2012 7:53 pm

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