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Saving A Life Empty Saving A Life

Post by Aidan Kenta on Tue May 22, 2012 3:41 pm

Aidan was in the tundra, on his way to a small village where he had heard there was someone who could train him. Whether or not this was true he did not know but he had to find out. He was flying through the snow, where it was pounding down on him. He heard a sharp scream, just crying out for help. He examined the artic tundra which is the landscape that surrounds him. If he wasn’t a Saiyan and didn’t have superior instincts to that of a human he probably never would have heard him. He had to save this human.

He finally found the little boy in a cave. His face was blue from frost bite. This was not healthy; he had to rush him to a hospital. He started to pick the little boy up and rush out of the cave before two humans blocked the entrance. What were they doing? Couldn’t they tell that this little boy was sick? If not they were terribly stupid. Aidan started to ask what they were doing and that they had to let him take the boy to the hospital. They looked at each other before saying anything and then looked back over to Aidan.

“I’m sorry but we can’t let you pass. That little kid has a reward on his head for whoever brings him back. Of course, we didn’t find him. We stole him, knowing that his family was rich elders in the village so they would put a plentiful reward up for him. So since we stole him, we should be the ones to return him. “The one on the right said.

Aidan looked shock. How could these terrible humans think up such a plot? This was pure evil, it showed the trait that most humans had, which was greed. Aidan found this despicable; they were playing with little boys emotions. I mean, there was no doubt that he had been scarred by this. The two humans weren’t very powerful though, Aidan could easily dispatch them.

“What do you two think you are doing? This is a little boy’s emotions that you are toying with! What has he done to you?! There are different ways to get richer. But I just don’t get the whole money thing anyway; it doesn’t make you any happier. Besides, no matter how rich I was. If I would have kidnapped this boy, my consciousness would be eating me alive. It would drive me crazy! “Aidan shouted at the two.

The human on the left was a small, thin male. He had a small amount of hair, in the style of a bowl cut. He had to be popular with the ladies because the females just love bowl cuts. His build wasn’t muscular at all either. While the other was a very tall, fat male. He was more muscular, but he probably couldn’t move to fast. He had no hair at all. This wouldn’t be much of a fight at all. Their power level was barely higher than a normal civilian but it didn’t matter. Aidan would punish them for what they did.

“We think we are on the closest road to luxury. You can’t enjoy life if you can’t afford the high life. You wouldn’t know what it feels like to have no worry in the world. We could care less about that kid’s feelings. He will forget about us one day. “The one on the left exclaimed.

That was Aidan lost his temper. They simply did not care! Aidan vanished and appeared behind the two. He picked them up by the collar of their cheap, off brand shirts. Aidan threw them both down on the ground with great force. He kicked them in their sides, and punched them on the top of their heads. He gave it a rest and gave them time to recover. They got up and didn’t look too good. They were both bleeding, and had a busted lip.

“Please forgive us. Take the kid. We don’t care anymore. Isnt that right Zao? “The short one said.

“You got that right Ichiro! “ Zao said.

This is was a test for Aidan’s heroism. He was outraged by what they had done to the child but he couldn’t just kill them. That wouldn’t be a true act of a hero. He just turned away from the two, and picked up the little boy. The boy had to be around the age of 6. He had blonde hair, and was dressed like he was a native Indian. That must be how the village dresses. He turned back around to the two evil humans.

“I never want to see you two again but if you do something else like this, I will find out, and next time I won’t be as merciful. Take this blessing and be gone! “Aidan commanded.

The two humans exited the cave running fast as they simply could. Aidan did the same but once he was out of the cave he began to fly towards the village he was searching for earlier. For a long time he didn’t see anything but the plentiful snow, but eventually he stumbled across it. He found the chief of the village. Aidan told him about what had happened to the kid. The Chief thanked him and offered him Zenni but Aidan couldn’t take any of it. He bid the village farewell.

He levitated up off the ground and started flying towards his house. He lived out in the wilderness, because that’s where he feels best at. He felt good about himself about the deed that he had performed today. He has saved a little kids life and maybe, most likely not but he could have changed those humans life. They could have seen the light and see that evil is not the right way to do but he couldn’t trend on his good deed for long. Because that’s the way a hero’s life goes, always doing good and not expecting anything in return.
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Saving A Life Empty Re: Saving A Life

Post by Kurokon Shikyo on Tue May 22, 2012 8:45 pm

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