Three Part Training.:. Birth of Reidori

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Three Part Training.:. Birth of Reidori Empty Three Part Training.:. Birth of Reidori

Post by Alex Ruler+ on Tue May 22, 2012 5:13 am

Part One.:. The Reidori Is Formed

A lot has happened to Alex in the few months. He arrived on Earth to destroy it, but was defeated by a Majin known as Kurokon. Then with this Majin and their friends, they went to Planet Namek. Where the four friends fought against and beat The Kold Family. During his fight with Cooler, Alex learned he was from the Hellfighter Race. Also during his fight with Cooler, Alex managed to achieve the Transformation needed to become a Super Hellfighter.

"Please you idiot. There will be blood, spilled all over
this battle field. Killing you will make me sleep even better at night. The
respect you have for me is not mutual. You are just some cousin to a pitiful
monkey. My family and I will not withdraw, and neither will you. You will die
here on this planet. And I am sensing that Freiza will blow it up, so your body
will be scattered among the rest of this planet, just as I did to Planet
Hellfilled after I killed your king. " Cooler boasted

Alex's ki slowly formed a ghostly barrier around his boyd giving him a limegreen tint.

Cooler smirked, "What are you talking about? There is no way
that you could spill my guts. You are a stupid little outcast! You aren't a true
Saiyan! Can't you tell! Look at your friend that is a true Saiyan. Look at his
eyes. Saiyans eyes are black! Yours are blue! But your other friend is
different; he can't be a full Saiyan. "Cooler shouted, explaining who Alex
really was.

Cooler leaped back as the Hellfighter charged up his power.
He had a lot of it. The landscape around him was ruined. That would make a
pretty good attack. Maybe that would be useful later. The two ki blasts were
aimed completely away from him. He kept a close eye on them. Alex wouldn't fire
them if they didn't have a purpose. He saw them arch towards him at the last
second. He met the two ki blast with two of his own. Cooler then let the drop
kick meet his jaw. He smiled at the same time, and then grabbed at his leg. If
he succeeded he would then slam him down to the ground. Then he fired a Death
Beam straight at Alex.

Caught in Cooler's grip, Alex's back exploded into
the ground. This created a grave for the fighter, as he slammed through the
ground, and it collapsed around him. Lucky for him, Cooler didn't have X-Ray
vision, cause he felt the thin ki beams penetrate the ground, but it didn't come
close to him. He closed his eyes, and thought. Planning was key to over throwing
someone as powerful as Cooler. He didn't have the brute strength needed. Then
again, who did. Alex took in his last words. Something about the eyes. Wait!
That was it. Cooler had given him his advantage.

Alex's ki began spiderwebbing over his body. He opened his right palm, as the ki began forming a sphere in his palm. The sphere glowed brightly with limegreen ki, as it began discharging jolts of electricity. The sphere began spinning violently, discharing bigger jolts of electricity.

"What are you doing you primitive
animal! What is this trickery! I am the supreme ruler of the universe! I demand
you fight me like the stupid animal you are! "Cooler demanded.

"This primitive
animal seems to have caught onto your game. You can't sense ki energy. You use
your eyes to follow my movements. Without the eyes, you are just as pathetic as
you claim me to be. I one upped up with that Solar Flare. I understand it won't
happen again," Alex said, now his voice hollow and one could tell Anger was
seeping into him. "Now it's time you understand Why I didn't take that
oppertunity to strike while I was hidden. Use your Scouter," Alex said.

"Yes, you
imbecile. There are fighters out there who can suppress their Ki. I happen to
have learned that while training under Kurokon, though I pretended not to know
how. One of my many talents after working for your brother and father," Alex
said, releasing Cooler's fist. "My friends and I have become known as The Kliq.
Spread word to your family now,"

Alex clenched his fists as anger
consumed him. His normally blonde hair stood in spikes and changed to a ruby
color. His eyes did as well. his ki appeared in a ghostly barrier around him. as
the changes occurred.

"This power is unbelievable. And it will be used
to destroy the one being who destroyed my race!" Alex said, a smile spread
across his face.

Alex cupped his hands at his side and began chanting
"ROYODOUKEN!" before releasing the spiraling green ki beam at Cooler.

The orb began spinning faster, discharging even more electricity. Alex's body slowly rose off the rock he was sitting cross-legged on. He levitated higher and higher into the sky, before his eyes shot open. He wasn't looking at the world through his eyes. His eyes were filled with ki. He was just "feeling" the energy of every living being on earth.

"This's powerful and it requires moments of despair and happiness to form it. I've got to work on a faster rate of charge....but should I ever need to use it in a battle....I'm screwed. I'll continue training it. I'm going to call it The Reidori, or roughly translated to The Tiger Claw or The Tiger Blade." Alex said softly as he raised his right palm and entered a head dive, swiping the technique forward. "REIDORI!!!!!"

Alex struck a tree, obliterating it in one strike to nothing but splinters and mulch. As the ki drained from his eyes Alex saw the damage he had dealt.

"I may have just created the ultimate technique...I've got to train it until I can use it on the fly," Alex said.

He walked back to his rock and began meditating some more.


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Three Part Training.:. Birth of Reidori Empty Re: Three Part Training.:. Birth of Reidori

Post by Aidan Kenta on Tue May 22, 2012 5:26 am

PL and Zenni Gain: 10,000
Speed Gain: 15,000
Stamina: 20,000


PL and Zenni Gain: 10,000
Speed Gain: 6,667
Stamina Gain: 5,000

( This is what it should have been, but it doesn't matter, I redid this just to test my knowledge over the system )

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Three Part Training.:. Birth of Reidori Empty Re: Three Part Training.:. Birth of Reidori

Post by Alex Ruler+ on Tue May 22, 2012 5:33 am

Part Two .:. Developing The Reidori

Alex stopped his meditation and looked up at the sky seeing the sunlight was fading fast. Quickly, he removed his shirt and tied it around a tree branch.

I can use my shirt as a smaller target to practice the Reidori on, Alex thought.

He stood with his eyes closed, once more. He visualized his shirt, feeling the wind blowing and picturing the shirt waving in the wind. He visualized the color of the shirt, the texture of the shirt, and the weight of the shirt. Once more, he opened his right palm as ki spider-webbed down his arm forming a sphere in his palm. The sphere began spinning violently, discharging electricity once more.

Developing the technique wasn't as hard I as thought it would. This rate of speed is much faster than the one I summoned earlier....maybe all that meditation really got me in sync with my ki, Alex thought.

He held the technique in his palm, opened his eyes to find they were still filled with ki and he couldn't see through thim as he regularly would.

[/i]Haven't developed it enough to get the inital ki blindness gone,[/i] Alex thought.

He continually visualized his target, willing himself to break the ki blindness...after ten minutes, he finally fired the technique.

"REIDORI!!!" Alex shouted, slamming his technique into the shirt.

Tattered clothes fell to the ground, those that weren't disintegrated by the discharging lightning from the Reidori Technique.

"Looks like its back to the meditation drawing board," Alex said, but something in him told him to try again.

He quickly looked around seeking a target that wouldn't turn to splinters or tattered clothe. Finding a giant boulder, he tried to lift it.

Hmmm...maybe its time to unleash the beast? Alex thought.

"UNLEASH!!!!!" Alex shouted, as his ki covered his body.

Muscles piled on muscles as he became the giant ape that lived within his body. Looking through the ape's eyes, Alex carefully lifted the giant boulder from its position and and moved it to his clearing. carefully, he pressed a certain location on his chest that caused him to revert back to normal.

"Now, let's try this once more!!!!" Alex said, closing his eyes.

Within in moments, he had The Reidori Technique roaring in his palm.

"I named it right...It sounds like tigers roaring. Reidori, The Tiger Claw!" Alex said laughing as turned to face the boulder he had moved.

"REIDORI!!!!!" Alex shouted, not even noticing he didn't have Ki Blindness.

When he struck the boulder with his Reidori technique, Alex felt the boulder give, when he looked, he saw that he had engraved a spiral design in the boulder that if he looked at it carefully enough, he could see the iris of a tiger's eye.

"This is getting better and better," Alex said, falling to one knee, panting heavily.

End Part Two

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Three Part Training.:. Birth of Reidori Empty Re: Three Part Training.:. Birth of Reidori

Post by Aidan Kenta on Tue May 22, 2012 3:50 pm

PL and Zenni: 4,700
Speed: 3,133
Stamina: 2,350

( I think I am starting to get the hang of the grading system. I think I need to redo your last grade, but I wont make you fix your card because it was my fault anyway. But thats only if I did do it wrong. )
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Three Part Training.:. Birth of Reidori Empty Re: Three Part Training.:. Birth of Reidori

Post by Alex Ruler+ on Sat May 26, 2012 4:04 pm

Part III.:. Finalizing The Reidori

Alex stared at the boulder's spiral engraving long and hard. He had been working on this new technique for half the day. He had almost mastered it.

"I'm giving this one more shot. I'm going to blast through this!!!!!" Alex said.

Calming himself down, he opened his right palm as the spinning ki sphere appeared, discharging electricity from the base of the orb. Smiling at the quickness of the technique, Alex was happy he had managed to speed up the preparation time.

Kenji was doing an incredible combo, at least it was incredible to Aidan. Aidan was not much of a melee fighter, but when it came to ki, he was a true master. Kenji punched Aidan in the face, making him skid back a few feet, before appear behind him with a kick to the back. Kenji spun right after the kick, kicking him again to the face. Aidan groaned as Kenji chuckled. "pathetic..." Kenji charged at him again, only to be caught by surprise as Aidan used his ki to enhance his body temporarily. It was a tricky ability, but very useful. Aidan flew towards Kenji, punching him in the stomache and making him lean forward from the pain and pressure. Aidan continued his combo by bringing his elbow down on Kenji's neck, knocking him unconcious.

Aidan panted and held up both hands, ready to kill Kenji. He charged a blast that would finish the job, and unleashed it, yelling out "Die!"

When the smoke cleared, Aidan was surprised to see that Alex had blocked the attack, and thus, saved Kenji. Alex quickly rushed forward and knocked Aidan out with a quick jab to the back of the neck. Alex panted. block that attack had taken a bit out of him, and he knew he would be killed when fighting Sei. Everyone knew that.

He did not, however, expect Sei to appear infront of him, palm out. He breifly saw the ball begin to form on Sei's hand before he got out of the way. Good thing for him he did, seeing the thin blast that proceded to peirce mountain after mountain, he was certain he would have died. Sei scowled. "that took more out of me than it should have..." He rushed toward Alex, kneeing his chin. He spun around with a kick to the stomach, and then finally a punch to the temple. Alex was not dead, but he was close. He would live without medical care, but anymore damage and he might die.

Alex felt the Reidori in his palm grow bigger. The memory had just appeared out of no where.

"REIDORI!!!!!!!!!!" Alex shouted, slamming the attack into the boulder.

There was a loud grinding sound, like that of metal on metal, followed by a high-pitched whistling, like that sound steam makes exiting the spout of a hot kettle.

Alex looked to see he had shot a compressed beam from his Reidori that had travelled right through the boulder and out the back side. The beam had spiraled all the way through the boulder.

"Alright...looks like I've got time to practice my Super Hellfighter form before I call it a night," Alex said.

He powered up to full power and released his ki, allowing it make the neccesary changes to his body. After he finished transforming, he decided the boulder had served its purpose once, maybe it could serve it again by not collapsing as he wanted to practice the Royodouken Wave from this form.

Trying to use the technique once, Alex found that it wasn't easy in Super Hellfighter form.


Alex thrust his right palm forward, and subconcisouly released a familiar spiraling beam of limegreen ki.

"What? The Royodouken Wave in single handed form?" Alex thought, trying to figure this out.

He tried several times, to produce the beam again, failing miserably.

"Anger must be the key to producing the beam. The Angry Royodouken Wave."Alex reasoned with himself. "As a Super Hellfighter, anger seems to power everything"

End of Part III

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Three Part Training.:. Birth of Reidori Empty Re: Three Part Training.:. Birth of Reidori

Post by Kurokon Shikyo on Wed May 30, 2012 9:22 pm

PL: 6730
Zenni: 6730
Speed: 4487
Stamina: 3465
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Three Part Training.:. Birth of Reidori Empty Re: Three Part Training.:. Birth of Reidori

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