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Retaliation System Empty Retaliation System

Post by Alex Ruler+ on Wed Feb 01, 2012 11:05 pm

Refer to the Beginner Battle between Shuifu and myself to see this in action. Retaliation, basically allows you one last attempt to survive the onslaught by your opponent. You give up half of your Ki and Half of your Speed to use it. You'll still take damage, but not all of it. This system was designed to prevent stronger players from killing all new comers without some type of fighting chance.

Retaliation can only be used ONCE Per Fight. Anyone caught using it more than once, will be asked to edit their post the first time, the second time will automatically lose their fight and be warned, and the third time, will be banned for a week. Any more than three times can result in permanent banning.

(NOTE: As I play around with combat on the site, this System may be edited or made available more times than once in battle. But For now, It's a one use system.)

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