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Post by Tyka on Tue Jan 31, 2012 10:55 pm

Training Items
These items can be used during training to double, triple, even quadruple your gains. The amount you recieve is posted next to the items. All Training Items can only be used once per training, per item. Each time you purchase a training item, and use it, it's gone until you purchase it again.

Weighted Wristbands x2 (Doubles Stamina Gains)- 50Zenni
Weighted Boots x2 (Doubles Speed Gains)- 50Zenni
Weight Shirt/Pants x2 (Doubles PL Gains) 50Zenni

Weighted Clothing x2 (Doubles all Gains) 125Zenni

100k Wristbands (Triples Stamina Gains)- 1,000Zenni
100k Boots (Triples Speed Gains)- 1,000Zenni
100k Shirt/Pants (Triples PL Gains) 1,000Zenni

100k Clothing (Triple All Gains)- 950Zenni

Scouter enable fighters to measure one another's PL, Stamina, Speed, and Ki depending on the on the upgrades. Also used for communications. All Scouters have a clear lens, until you pay to color it.

Scouter(Allows You to measure opponent's PL, Ki, Stamina, and Speed during your posts)- 1,000Zenni
Upgraded Scouter(Allows Communication, and measuring opponent's PL, Ki, Stamina, and Speed during your posts) 1,500Zenni
Upgraded Scouter2 (Allows you to spot weaknesses of Opponents as well as measure their PL, Ki, Stamina, and Speed during your Posts) 25,000Zenni
Upgraded Scouter3 (If opponent is wearing a Scouter, you can intercept their transmissions and hear what they are saying. And included all previous upgrades)- 35,000Zenni
Upgraded Scouter4 (All Previous Upgrades, plus increases your, Ki, Stamina, and Speed by 10,000 during a fight)- *Must purchase all other upgrades* 550,000Zenni
Custom Scouter Lens Color- 5,000

Spacecraft used for interplanetary travel. The basic ship is basically a Saiyan Space Pod, similar to the ones used by Goku, Raditz, Vegeta, Nappa, and Captain Ginyu in canon. With upgrades, the Ship can become similar to Frieza or Cooler's canon ships. More spacecraft will become available as more members join.

Single Person Pod--- 100,000 Zenni
This is a Saiyan Pod designed for Hyper Sleep while travelling. The Hyper Sleep function is only available in this design as it acts as a training tool.

Dual Person Pod--- 250,500 Zenni
A Saiyan Pod modified to support two people and is equipped with a small cafeteria.

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Capsule Corporation Items Empty Re: Capsule Corporation Items

Post by Kenjiro Nakamura+ on Tue May 29, 2012 4:37 pm

Buying two 100k clothing

Zenni before:10,750

zenni now:8,850

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