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Post by Alex Ruler+ on Sat Jan 28, 2012 10:51 pm

For all members of the site to see. The Grading System isn't complex. It's very simple. WC*10=PL and Zenni Gain, (WC*10)/1.5=SPD, (WC*10)/2)=STA.

So For example I'm grading a topic with 500 words. The Member would get 5000 PL and Zenni because WC=500. WC*10=500*10=5000.

The member would get 3333 SPD. Because WC=500. WC*10/1.5=(500*10)/1.5=3333.3(Repeating) So I rounded down to 3333.

The member would get 2500 STA because the WC=500. (WC*10)/2=5000/2=2500

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