Racial Trait Exchange System *Credit to Shuifu Lorkhan*

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Racial Trait Exchange System *Credit to Shuifu Lorkhan* Empty Racial Trait Exchange System *Credit to Shuifu Lorkhan*

Post by Alex Ruler+ on Sat Jan 28, 2012 7:08 pm

I know some of you may or may not like the Racial Trait given to your race, but what if there is a way to exchange this trait? Introducing the Racial Trait Exchange System. Let me explain this in detail. I'll use Krillin in this example.

Krillin grown tired of the Human's Angry Upheavel Racial Trait. Through training and quests he is now able to Unleash his Potential and enter Enraged Human modes. He would then Private Message a member of the Mod/Admins and request to use his chance to use Racial Trait Exchange. Krillin would then create his own Racial Trait, which would be posted in his Profile (if accepted). The member of Mod/Admin would then host a vote in the Admin Lounge on those who agree. If Majority Votes for Krillin, his Trait will become his permanent racial trait, and he will lose the ability to use Angry Upheavel. If Majority Votes Against Krillin, he will be given a chance to edit his racial trait or wait to use the Trait Exchange in the future.

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