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Post by Alex Ruler+ on Sat Jan 28, 2012 3:05 pm

In the beginning, The Guardian of Earth and The Grand Elder of Namek created two sets of Dragonballs. One for Earth whose Eternal Dragon, Shenron, would grant the collector three wishes and One for Namek, whose Eternal Dragon Porunga would grant the collector three wishes.

Earth's Dragonballs were scattered throughout the planet. A Mysterious being known simply as KroniK appeared on Earth after hearing the legend of the Dragonballs from his mentor, Iszu. Iszu and KroniK seek the Dragonballs for eternal wealth.

Main Villain(s):

Not much is known about KroniK except that is not of this galaxy. His mentor claims that KroniK is the result of years of hard training and experimentation. He stands 7' tall and weights approximately 285lbs of lean muscle. KroniK carries a sword and boasts about his swordsmanship. He is from an unknown Race that has three transformations. Listed below:

Base Form:

The Dragonball Saga Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQahBIoUclILi4FE34W4Y1fG3o8LvJJ2A5Ys-rTLEDLptBxehfQ

In this form, KroniK's Power Level is at 10,000. His Speed is at an unprecedented 20,000 and his stamina is at 20,000. While in this form, KroniK's known techniques are Seismic Slash, a ki charged slash of the sword he carries which causes Earthquakes and Terra Spin, a technique in which KroniK gathers ki from around his body while spinning before unleashing it upon his opponent.

KroniK Form 1:

The Dragonball Saga Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT36Pvkwl25QssUumT5HurI9z-ieCL4wKhW80yIQnDqCO-TmcpgoQ

After transforming, KroniK tosses his sword and goes for a more melee based assault. His known techniques in this form are Seismic Fist a variation of his Seismic Slash from the Base Form. This technique cause Earthquakes as well. Terranova A more powerful version of his Terra Spin technique. BOOM-A-Rang a ki blast that will continuously attack a targeted opponent until either the opponent is dead or KroniK recalls the technique. At this level all of his stats double from their base readings.

KroniK Form 2:

The Dragonball Saga Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTIABUoxaLHgD4k8a5crdjapb01TNCBqYqJcFsqsTJpbqJZontz
This form is by far KroniK's largest form. He grows beyond 12' tall. He knows all moves from previous forms and breathes fire in this form. All of his stats triple the basic form stats.

Kronik Form 3:

The Dragonball Saga Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRx_Y3-QXs8Tr9ijzb62EPeeNJM2a1KCYn3ZgYUkGUFp-sqNjtGLg

In this form, KroniK reverts to normal size and gains tremendous power. His arsenal now includes Bone Spike which allows him to fire his bones from beneath his skin like projectiles weapons. The bones regrow at a phenomonal rate. No one has faced this form and lived to tell about it. Also in this form, KroniK learns any moves used against him. The downside to this form is the strain it puts on the user, KroniK can only maintain this form for ten posts before reverting back to Base form. All stats in this form are five times his base stats. Once he reverts to base form, he lose 1/2 his base stats. KroniK will only be defeated for good after reaching this form.

The Dragonball Saga Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS9Ur3KWpT9ev5KmAaswvbofw4kANk1Crl4YHryZlqRlXqP1T7A

Iszu is a martial arts master who once was in love in With Master Roshi. When Roshi failed to realize this, she went missing and travelled the universe. Anyone who trains under The New Turtle School will be a target for her. She only reaches 100% True Power, not having her potential unlocked and having her anger locked away. She has three moves in her Arsenal: The Kamehameha Fist a technique she developed at a young age to impress Master Roshi. It involves performing the actions for the Kamehameha Wave, but instead of launching a beam, it is an illusion that hides the user. The beam fades before hitting the target, revealing the user holding a larger orb of ki in their fist. Bust It Open, a technique she developed for use on male competitors. She reveals her breasts to them, before hitting them with a four hit combination. The Multi-Person Kamehameha This technique is a combination of sorta utilizing the Multi-Person technique of The New Crane School and The Kamehameha Wave of The New Turtle School. First Iszu splits into five people before releasing Kamehameha Waves from different angles at her opponent. Teleportation Fist utilizing Roshi's After Image technique, Iszu made this move to impress him as well. It's basically The After Image Strike technique with a different name. You must defeat Iszu before fighting KroniK

Minor Villain(s):
KroniK Henchmen
PL: 1000
SPD: 2000
STA: 3000
Up too 1000 members of the KroniK Army followed their commander and his Mentor to Earth. You must ten of them back to back before facing Iszu and ten more before facing KroniK. Notice how each Henchman's stats are arranged and plan how to take them down carefully.

After you've defeated KroniK, you will need to obtain the dragonballs. First you must wish for everyone that KroniK killed to be restored to life. Second, you must wish for Earth to be restored. The third wish is for you yourself.

Wishes You Can Make:
50% PL Boost
50% SPD Boost
50% STA Boost
Any (1) Item from Capsule Corporation
Learn (1) Technique from The Technique Chamber
Instant Teleportation To A New Planet.

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