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Post by Alex Ruler+ on Sat Jan 28, 2012 1:14 pm

You cannot travel from one planet to another without the aid of either a spaceship or a technique (i.e Instantaneous Transmission). To obtain a spaceship you muster either A) Obtain One Via a Quest, B) Buy one from Capsule Corporation once it opens, or C) Steal One from another player (NOTE: Doing this will instantly turn you from Good Alignment to Evil Alignment.).

After obtaining a spaceship, you post a topic stating you are leaving the Planet you are currently on. After that topic has been graded by an Admin or Mod, then you can post on the new planet.

Good Example of Leaving Planet Topic:

Goku thanked Mr. Briefs for checking his spaceship and adding the extra features. The food supply was restored and all systems checked out. Waving good-bye, he enlisted the help of the voice activation system and blasted off. His target: Planet Namek.

As the Ship exited the atmosphere of Earth, Goku decided he would enlist the aid of the weighted training room mr. Briefs had added. Increasing the gravity in the room to 10x that of Earth, Goku began his training regimen, noting it take at least a week to reach Planet Namek.

After reading this post, a mod/Admin would learn several things about what takes place during Goku's travel from Earth to Namek. For Seven Days, Goku would be under x10 gravity training. The gains would double. (Please Note: In order to have the Weighted Training Room added to a Spaceship you have to purchase it as well).

Bad Example of a Leaving Planet Topic:

Goku got on the spaceship and blasted off to Planet Namek

Not only would a mod/Admin not grade this post. They may request you add more to it or forget leaving the planet. If you argue with the Mod/Admin then, disciplinary actions could be made. Please write at least a paragraph for Leaving Planet Topics.

There are NPCs on the site that will sometimes loan spaceships to members. The members are required to return the spaceship after the mission is completed. These spaceships are nothing special, unless otherwise stated. Be warned, borrowing a spaceship doesn't mean that ship cannot be stolen by another member of the site.


1) You must start a topic with the person whose ship you are wanting to steal.
2)The person then has one week to reply to the initial post. If no reply within one week, you automatically take the ship without a struggle. (NOTE: YOU WILL NEED TO EDIT YOU POST WITH YOU TAKING THE SHIP BEFORE A MOD/ADMIN WILL GRADE)
3)If a fight breaks out, that each member of the topic has three days to reply to each post. Be warned, just because a single person owns a spaceship does not mean their friends can't help them defend it. This also means your friends can help you steal it.

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