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The Battle System Empty The Battle System

Post by King Enma on Fri Jan 27, 2012 8:40 pm

Each character starts with the same Power Level (PL), Speed (SPD), and Stamina (STA) readings. Check the Character Template for this information. Through training, each character will gain various amounts of each stat. Depending on how well you RP, you could be the strongest player on the site in a matter of hours.

Anyways this guide is to aid you in learning the battle system. For the demonstrations I'm using Goku and Piccolo as the combatants. They will have 1000 PL, 1000 SPD and 1000 Stamina. The first thing you must under stand, your PL never decrease during battle, only your KI level. You PL tells you how much KI you have at the beginning of a battle. Your Ki is also your Hit Points. When you take damage, you lose Ki. Plain and simple right. Let's give a demonstration.


Piccolo thrusts a large Ki blast at Goku's chest.

KI: 1000
STA: 1000
Ki Used In Blast: 100
Ki Remaining: 900

Now, I hope your posts will all be longer than that, but bear in mind this is just an example. In this situation, Goku has a few choices. He can take the damage from the blast and reduce his own KI to 900, or he can dodge the blast, by reducing his SPD by double the amount of KI Piccolo used. His post would look like this.


Goku seeing the blast, smiled as he leaped high into the air, avoiding the Ki blast. Seeing an opening in Piccolo's defense, Goku falls from the sky and aims a spiral kick at Piccolo's exposed back.

KI: 1000
SPD: 1000
SPD Used to Dodge Blast: 200
STA Used in Spiral Kick: 200
SPD Remaining: 800
STA Remaining: 800

In his last post, Goku dodged by paying speed equal to double the amount of Ki used against him. He also used the post to counter attack, with a melee strike which uses STA to strike. Piccolo can avoid the damage from the Strike using his own speed or take the damage. Simple Math is all that is needed for learning this system. I suggest a Beginner Battle to see it in action.

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